One Hug. Every Night. No Matter What.

Today I’m contributing to Addie Zierman’s One Small Change series. I so appreciate Addie’s humility about feeling the weight and pain of this world, and her perseverance in finding light and grace amidst it. Written by different authors who highlight one small change they’ve made that makes a difference, the series offers a glimmer of hope and encouragement that maybe, just maybe, we can make the world a better place through our collective efforts.

“Goodnight Moon.” The creak of a wooden rocking chair. The soothing, intermittent rubbing and patting of my mom’s hand on my back as I drifted off to sleep. My grandma bowing her head alongside mine as I recited “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.” Asking for, “just one more song.” Of all my childhood memories, bedtime moments shared with Mom or Grandma stick out to me. Love. Warmth. Nurture. Undivided time and attention from a favorite person.

When I became a parent, I established bedtime routines with our children. Three kids in, though, it seemed bedtime was ruling our evenings. I’d leave a child’s room feeling parched and strung out.      Keep reading…


2 thoughts on “One Hug. Every Night. No Matter What.

  1. This is such a valuable concept. Even adult children struggle to feel loved by God because they don’t remember being loved by people. I love what you did and how you wrote about it. Continue on.

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